Cinemambiente 2007 - Environmental film festival
 10th Environmental Film Festival -Turin-Italy 11-16 october
New head office: Via Montebello, 15 - tel. 0039 011 81 38 860 - fax 0039 011 81 38 896
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::: FIRST PRIZE € 5,000 :::
      The jury, composed of Fabrizio Grosoli, Lisandro Nogueira, Ulrich Rydzewski, awards the
      € 5,000 prize to:

STAND VAN DE MAAN (THE SHAPE OF THE MOON) directed by Leonard Retel Helmrich.
"For the director’s ability in combining visual and narrative power - rare in documentary cinema - on an important and delicate subject, today’s ethno-religious conflicts in Indonesia.
The film uses live shooting in the portrait of a family, shown both in everyday life and during dramatic events.
In either case, the perspective is always sensitive and sharing, careful to keep the “right” distance from people and things."

Special Mention

Al film CONFLICT TIGER directed by Sasha Snow (UK 2004).
"This film impressively tells the complex story of the difficulties encountered by men and animals when forced to share the same vital space. Beyond the film’s specific focus, it also sheds light on some of the more general challenges faced by 21st-century civilization. The brilliant narrative is supported by skillful use of the camera."

      € 1500

Jury : Alberto Miglio (President, CPS Torino), Jada Castagna (Liceo Artistico Cottini),
               Serena Davi (Istituto Majorana di Grugliasco), Daniele Giacomini (Liceo Scientifico
               Valsalice), Emanuele Manzone (Liceo Scientifico Alessandro Volta), Giulia Marroccoli
               (Membro Giunta CSP - Liceo Scientifico Luigi Des Ambrois di Oulx), Roberto
               Origliasso (I.P.C. Giulio), Elio Padoan (Liceo scientifi co tecnologico I.T.I Avogadro),
               Valentina Rainò (Liceo Classico D'Azeglio), Alberto Santacroce (Liceo Classico Sacra
               Famiglia), Rachelle Yunami Kabala Chauzi (Liceo Linguistico Maria Ausiliatrice).

The Province of Torino Students Prize goes to the documentary ACAMPAMENTO DE DESMINAGEM directed by Licinio Azevedo.
"for the director’s capacity to transport the drama of conflicts and problems of Africa into a daily context, and for his particular care in describing the human relations and everyday lives of a team of mine-removal experts. The themes of war, child-soldiers and their relationship with the villagers are explored through team members’ testimony. The documentary becomes a quality communications tool thanks to such testimony and the focus on the team’s perspective. Indeed, audiences share in their dangers, difficulties and hopes".

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