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Saturday   13 October 2007  

Ecokids proiezione per le scuole superiori
Il mare sul muro (Ita, 2007, col., 52’) Ilario Blanchietti, Alberto Signetto
In 1905, Munù’s grandparents left Caluso to settle in the province of Buenos Aires. One hundred years later, she presented the town with a painting that recalls the sacrifices made by emigrants, past, present and future.

Incontro e dibattito con Marco Suriani Sindaco di Caluso, Alberto Signetto, l’artista Munù Actis Goretta

Panorama/Diritto d’asilo
Equal Voices (Ita, 2007, col., 7’) Vittoria Castagneto
The main characters, three men and two women, represent four areas of immigration: Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America. The film plays on the particularities of the characters’ mother tongues in order to render the identity of asylum applicants and refugees living in Europe more real.

La piazza è chiusa (Ita, 2007, col./bn, 12’) Edoardo Winspeare
Troops arrive on the scene and grab a young boy and bundle him into the jeep. Then a voice cries “STOP”. Thank goodness, it’s all part of a film! Two women pause. They know what it’s all about because they’ve actually been through that nightmare.

Lei non sa chi sono io (Ita, 2006, col., 35’) Barbara Iacampo, Federico Cattai
The personal stories of asylum seekers remind us that political asylum is an inalienable right and help us to understand the difficulties refugees contend with.

The refugees of the blue planet (Can/Fr, 2006, col., 53’)
This movie sheds light on the little-known plight of a category of individuals who are suffering the repercussions of a new reality: environmental refugees.

Incontro e dibattito con
Vittoria Castagneto, regista
Bienvenu Kasole, Astrid Galindo, Camino Galindo, protagonisti di Equal Voices
Le Quyen Ngo Dinh, Resp. Immigrazione e Asilo Caritas Diocesana di Roma
Daniela Di Capua, Capo Progetto IntegRARsi/Associazione Comuni Italiani

Concorso Internazionale Cinema di Animazione
Delivery (Germ, 2005, col., 9’) Till Nowak
An old hermit lives a lonely life under the dark shadows of industrial smog. One day he receives a mysterious package that enables him to change his environment.

Concorso Documentari Italiani
13 variazioni su un tema barocco – Ballata ai petrolieri del Val di Noto (Ita, 2006, col./bn, 68’) Alessandro Gagliardo, Christian Consoli, Antonio Longo
The story of the 2-year battle Val di Noto residents have waged against the oil reserve exploration project the Region of Sicily authorized four oil companies to conduct.

Incontro con Roy Paci e i registi

Concorso Internazionale Cinema di Animazione
Backwards Hamburger (USA, 2007, col., 3’) Louis Fox
The American fast food meat industry: steady growth thanks to overuse of preservatives, exploitation of labour, scant respect of safety regulations, and cruelty to animals.
Incontro con il regista

Concorso Internazionale Documentari
Who Killed the Electric Car? (USA, 2006, col., 92’) Chris Paine
All-electric cars debuted on California streets in 1996. Driving one became widely popular, until the upper echelons of finance and politics drove them off the road.
Incontro con il regista

Green Award- Environmental Film Festival Network
Mana - Beyond Belief (USA, 2004, col., 92’) Peter Friedman, Roger Manley
A fascinating journey from the tropical forests of New Zealand to the Arizona desert, with a side trip to Elvis Presley’s Memphis, exploring the mysterious link between cult and the objects of belief.



Ecokids – proiezione per le scuole superiori
My Country My Country (USA, 2006, col., 90’) Laura Poitras
In this portrait of the conditions of the Iraqi people, the film recounts the experience of Dr. Riyadh, a Sunnite physician, who ran for office in the 2005 elections.

Dott. Riyadh Aladhadh, protagonista del film e Ahmed Dhia Abdulrazak, Mayes Mohand Abdulsatar,
Sameer Hussein Salman, testimoni iracheni.
In collaborazione con la Sezione Italiana di Amnesty International.

Focus Diritti Umani/1967-2007: 40 anni di occupazione, 40 anni di diritti violati
East to West (Pal, 2005, col., 16’) Enas I. Muthaffar
Film director Enas I. Muthaffar’s family was forced to leave their home--not a new experience for Muthaffar’s father who had to abandon his house in Jaffa in 1948. A new move for each new generation.

Bil’in Habibti (Bil’in My Love) (Isr, 2006, col., 84’) Shai Carmeli Pollak
Bil’in, a Palestinian village, will lose a good part of its land after the erection of the separation barrier. An unexpectedly strong bond forms between villagers and Israeli pacifists.

Palestine... Hot and Dusty Day (Pal, 2007, col., 11’) Akram Safadi
The road between Ramallah and Jerusalem is blocked. Returning home takes longer. Since August 2005, the neighbourhood has been occupied. The wall is now completed.

Tavola rotonda Intervengono
Kamal Aljafari, regista di Alsateh, Palestina
Enas I. Muthaffar, regista di East to West, Palestina
Shai Carmeli Pollak, regista di Bil’in Habibti, Israele
Paolo Pobbiati, presidente della Sezione italiana di Amnesty International
Coordina: Iman Sabbah, giornalista Rai News24

Freedom Fuels (USA, 2006, col., 49’) Martin O’Brien
Enlisting the testimonials of Daryl Hannah and legendary countryman Willie Nelson, the film gives an accurate report on the potential of vegetable oil as a renewable fuel source.

Incontro con Charris Ford
Au gré du temps (Bel, 2006, col., 48’) Dominique Loreau
Three very different works by Belgian artist Bob Verschueren that incorporate different plant materials
from three very different places: a beach, a coal refuse site, a playground.

Incontro con la regista

Green Award- Environmental Film Festival Network
Ainda há pastores? (Por, 2006, col., 73’) Jorge Pelicano
In what was once the realm of shepherds, 27-year-old Hermino seems to be the last of his kind. Will he be the last to tend the flocks?


Non c’è vento da perdere (Ita, 2007, col., 6’) Francesco Cabras
Worldwide greenhouse gas emissions must be cut by 50% by 2050. The only way to reach this goal is to start a “clean energy revolution”

O (Bel, 2006, col., 22’) Pieter-Jan De Pue
Two people in the desert look desperately for a trace of water in the former bed of the world’s longest river...

Biciclette (Ita, 2005, col., 35’) Antonio Bellia
Can bikes relieve our cities of traffic and smog? It seems so, judging by the situation in Ferrara, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, where cycling is de rigueur.

Le città invivibili-Torino, la città dell’automobile (Ita, 2007, col., 30’) Roberto Ghisu
Filmed in Turin, this documentary shows how the automobile has taken over city streets and squares, making pedestrians out of the rest of us.

Peak Oil (Aus, 2006, col., 4’) Larry Larstead
Sooner or later our oil reserves will dry up. As more and more crude is pumped to meet rising demand, the critical moment may come sooner than we think. But then what?


Ambiente e lavoro
Apnea (Ita, 2004-2007, col., 93’) Roberto Dordit
This intriguing enquiry film effectively brings out the issues of work-related accidents, exploitation of illegal workers and industrial waste pollution.



Aperitivo letterario
Incontro con Giuseppe Altamore autore di “Acqua
S.P.A.” (Mondadori)
Vicecaporedattore di “Famiglia Cristiana”, Altamore
è riconosciuto come uno dei maggiori esperti di questioni idriche e autore di numerose inchieste sul tema dell’acqua.
Interviene Carlo Grande (La Stampa)

Performance/Concerto ANANGA RANGA
Roy Paci: tromba, flicorno, laptop, noise
Vincenzo Vasi: basso, voce, theremin, electronics
Massimo Ottoni: video installazioni

entrance upon invitation

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