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Friday   12 October 2007  

Ecokids Proiezione per le scuole elementari e medie
Acqua, è il momento di riflettere
(Ita, 2006, col., 4’) Michael March Fantacci, Joshua Held
The legend of Narcissus revisited, or the risks you run when you gaze at your reflection in a stream for too long...

La gang del bosco
(USA, 2006, col., 83’) Karey Kirkpatrick, Tim Johnson
RJ, a wily racoon and expert food thief, meets a woodland animal community. The animals compare their respective lifestyles: RJ learns about gathering and saving food for harder times.
Dibattito con educatori ambientali ed esperti

Prima della proiezione verrà offerto al pubblico in sala un assaggio di specialità vegane,
a cura del VegFestival

Concorso Internazionale Cinema di Animazione
Oxota (Kazak, 2006, col., 2’) Ramil Usmanov
Two determined hunters are stalking a bear when they meet a strange character that appears an even more ferocious predator than they are.

Concorso Internazionale Documentari
How to Cook Your Life (Germ, 2007, col., 93’) Doris Dörrie
A Zen priest from Fairfax, California: Edward Espe Brown. A journey through food traditions that reminds us of the importance of the simple, natural and meaningful things of life.

Concorso Documentari Italiani
Mbeubeus (Ita, 2007, col., 18’) Simona Risi
Every day 1300 tons of garbage from Dakar arrive at the Mbeubeus dump, where more than 2000 people earn their livelihood: some collect items, some sell, others buy, repair or recycle them.

Il bravo gatto prende i topi (Ita, 2006, col., 85’) Francesco Conversano, Nene Grignaffini
Close to 800 million Chinese live in rural areas. Although living conditions have improved, they contrast sharply with the growth of cities in the coastal regions.

Incontro con i registi

Concorso Internazionale Cinema di Animazione
Carnivore Reflux (Aus, 2006, col., 7’) Eddie White, James Calvert
Grotesque and funny, Carnivore Reflux shows show far our eating obsessions will take us.

Concorso Internazionale Documentari
China Blue (USA, 2006, col., 88’) Micha X. Peled
The work conditions in a Chinese jeans factory revealed through the story of two young workers who leave their villages in search of fortune.
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Concorso Internazionale Cinema di Animazione
Global WARming (Ger, 2007, col., 12’) Kathrin Gnorski
Two snowmen, sworn enemies, fight ruthlessly for a place in the sun amidst snow-capped mountains...

Concorso Internazionale Documentari
The Planet (Swe, Norw, Dk 2006, col., 84’) Linus Torell, Michael Stenberg, Johan Söderberg
The film gives an ironic spin to climate change and its impact on the environment.



“Immagini e creatività: comunicare l’impegno”
Incontro sulla comunicazione audiovisiva dedicata alla difesa dell’ambiente e dei diritti
Martin Atkin, direttore del Creative Department di Greenpeace International
Riccardo Noury, direttore della comunicazione della Sezione Italiana di Amnesty International
Micha X. Peled, regista di China Blue
Louis Fox, direttore creativo Free Range Studios
Gaia Chiti Strigelli, responsabile editoriale pro social MTV Italia
Sauro Mariani, responsabile marketing MTV Italia
Moderatore Marco Fratoddi, direttore de La Nuova Ecologia

Focus Diritti Umani /1967-2007:
40 anni di occupazione, 40 anni di diritti violati
The story of a friendship between three women, the Palestinian Nahide and the Israelis Shlomit and Ainat, brought together by the senseless destruction of the Arab village Kfir Bir’im by the Jerusalem army.

Alsateh (The Roof) (Pal, 2006, col., 61’) Kamal Aljafari
A Palestinian film director’s journey back to his family and homeland. At the heart of the film is the belief that home is a feeling as well as a place.
Incontro con il regista

Panorama/ Free Range Studios
The Bio Da-Versity Code (USA, col., 5’) Louis Fox
Join animal symbologist Robert Penguin and the dashing agent Sophie Minnow in this spoof of “The da Vinci Code” as they race to expose the greatest lie ever told.

Climate: A Crisis Averted (USA, col., 4’) Louis Fox
An uplifting documentary from the year 2055 on how human beings overcame the greatest challenges the species ever faced.

Genetically Krafted (USA, col., 1’) Louis Fox
Thanks to KRAFT Foods inc. an average American family is in for a creepy surprise when they sit down to their holiday meal.

Grocery Store Wars: The Organic Rebellion (USA, col., 6’) Louis Fox
Cuke Skywalker, Princess Lettuce, Chewbroccoli - played by live-action vegetable puppets dressed as Star Wars characters - battling it out with Darth Tader, evil lord of the Dark Side of the Farm.

The Meatrix 1 (USA, 2003, col., 4’) Louis Fox
Leo lives in a quaint happy farm...or so he thinks. One day Leo is approached by a bull called Moopheus, clad in a black raincoat, who shows him the horrible truth about industrialized farming...

The Meatrix 2: Revolting (USA, col., 4’) Louis Fox
Leo, Moopheus and Chickity are back in action, ready to fight the excessive use of steroids and forbidden substances on a cattle farm.

The Meatrix 2 1⁄2 (USA, col., 3’) Louis Fox
Only Leo and Chickity can save Moopheus, kept a prisoner in an abbattoir-concentration camp. After a desperate struggle with one of his kidnappers Moopheus finally manages to escape and put an end to animal suffering.

The Mouth Revolution (USA, col., 5’) Louis Fox
The Mouths of the world are finally speaking out. They’re fed up with the “garbage” we eat and they’re demanding real food - organic food - now!

Sam Suds (USA, col., video, 4’) Louis Fox
This film noir spoof follows a street smart bar of soap, Sam Suds on the trail of an elusive killer in our homes – PVC (polyvinyl Chloride) The Poison Plastic!

Save Chillean Sea Bass (USA, col., 2’) Louis Fox
On his way to becoming the main course, one smart sea bass talks his way out of extinction. Instead of a fish dinner, a couple of dinners get a unexpected lesson in sustainable seafood.

Story of Stuff (USA, 2007, col., 22’) Louis Fox
With a much needed sense of humor, American environmental activist, Annie Leonard shows us an enlightening vision of the truly insane materials economy in which we are all immeshed.

Incontro con il regista/produttore Louis Fox

Concorso Documentari Italiani
Vita da Ines (Ita, 2007, col., 50’) Giulio De Leo, Sandro Carnino
Ines is an 82-year-old farmer who ekes out a lonely existence on La Lastra, her farm in the Apennines outside Bologna, where she was born and grew up.

Incontro con i registi

Green Award- Environmental Film Festival Network
Ovas de oro (Chile, 2005, col., 75’) Anahi Johnsen Sucarrat, Manuel Gonzales Llanos
An in-depth reportage on intensive salmon breeding in Chile, a growth industry in the hands of foreign multinationals that do not pay taxes, pollute the environment and pay low wages.



Showcase Perturbazione

Animalia (Ita, 2006, col., 4’) Tommaso Cerasuolo, Marco Fantozzi,
In this video clip of the Turin band Perturbazione, a cyclist riding along a country lane is witness to the everyday struggle between humans and animals.

Bedu (Ita, 2007, col., 14’) Pietro Luzzati
Caught between Israeli forces and the westernization of Palestinian society, treated with indifference and racist attitudes, the Palestinian Bedouins face a serious threat to their existence.

A verdade do Gato (Bel, 2006, col., 52’) Jeremy Hamers
Carmo do Rio Verde, Brazil, depends on the sugar cane that is processed into clean fuel. “El Gato”, “The Cat” gets a 4% cut out of the salary of the 1200 seasonal workers he hires for the company.


Ecokids proiezione per le scuole medie
Il grande Nord (Fra, 2003, col., 94’) Nicolas Vanier
Norman Winter lives in the heart of the Rocky Mountains with his Nahanni Indian wife and his sled dogs. They survive on what nature provides by gathering, hunting and fishing.

Dibattito con educatori ambientali ed esperti



Ecokids proiezione per le scuole medie, classi terze
Oma e Chimica (Ita, 2007, col., 65’) Luca Pastore
Rivalta, a town near Turin, waged a 40-year battle against the stench from two factories (OMA and Chimica) that were ultimately closed in 2000 because of unpaid municipal property taxes.


Torino e il diritto d’asilo Convegno a cura del progetto Integrarsi e Meta
Strumenti per l’integrazione dei rifugiati: dalle sperimentazioni europee del progetti Equal alle realtà locali.

Inaugurazione mostra fotografica “5 minutes in my shoes”, piccole storie di rifugiati.
Fotografie di Elena Marioni



Teatro reportage con storie vere di rifugiati a cura del progetto Integrarsi e Meta
“Vite sospese” Teatro di Nascosto Hidden Theatre


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